Free Pattern Ocean Blue Ripple Blanket

BlueRippleBlanket1One of the things I love the most is actually choosing the color scheme for any new project I make.

Especially when I am making a blanket or throw and I get to think about the possible endless combinations, then hunt through the yarn I already have to see what colors actually complement each other.

This ‘ripple’ effect is a very popular pattern in crochet. It is so very easy and yet so stunning, a really great pattern to work up in front of the TV.

The only thing that seemed a little tricky at first was the two double crochet stitches that needed to be worked into the chain 3 at the end of each row. Once you get the idea of that you will not need to keep looking at the pattern, and after just a few rows it all seems to flow pretty easily.

I think this blanket would look great as an addition to any nautical theme or child’s bedroom. I chose the colors specifically for this cool ocean blue effect and the white wool is variegated with a few blue specks too.

If you would like to try this pattern yourself head over to Daisy Cottage Designs for the free pattern. Lauren has some wonderful crochet makes on her site!


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