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Little Mouse Tea Party Crochet Set

profile4The idea of creating a miniature set of female mice in pretty dresses gathered around a sumptuous cake was too enticing to ignore. For this pattern I chose complimenting colors so that the mice would all appear individual and well, frilly!  The addition of the cake just seemed to bring it all together.

This amigurumi set was made using a very small hook! The mice stand at  three inches tall and the cake just one inch!

I will work on putting a pattern together as I’m sure lots of young girls will simply adore having their own little trio of colorful party mice.

Follow my blog for  an update on the pattern release!


Buzzle the Bear and Friend

Who couldn’t love the new Buzzle Bear?

Introducing Buzzle and his ladybug friend Lucy, the latest seasonal stock design in my inventory. If Buzzle ever starts chomping down on too many mince pies or cupcakes on Christmas day, Lucy the bug will gently have a word in his ear about the little extra belly fat he seems quite oblivious to.xmasbuzzle1

Buzzle is a crochet bear I designed this summer, hoping to achieve a soft toy that has a sweet balance of expression, individuality, topped off with cuteness.

You can find the Buzzle Bear Crochet Pattern at Ravelry 

Marbles, The Tiny Amigurumi Kitten in a Basket

I discovered this adorable crochet pattern whilst I was actually looking for a different type of cat pattern, and I loved it. Isn’t it funny how that happens? He’s actually probably one of the cutest crochet kitty’s I have ever come across, so I have named him Marbles as he seems to love chasing them around the room.


Marbles is 4.5 inches in length from the tip of his front paw to the end of his back paw and is made with 4 ply silk crochet cotton, in oatmeal using a 2.5 mm hook.

Credit goes to Bubbles and Bongo for this beautiful kitty pattern. Check it out as they have some amazing amigurumi patterns for sale in their store.


Marbles is for sale in my Etsy Store. You really can’t do without him because he is Purrrfect!