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Woodland Fairy Dolls

I adore this little mother and daughter doll set which I created as a gift for a young girl. The pattern is taken from a ‘kokeshi’ doll design, but this particular project was adapted to suit the style that I wanted to create; firstly by creating the dolls to my liking, adding an embroidered design on their bodies, then adding wings to their backs. The addition of a flower and mushroom just seemed to add that fairy woodland feel to the whole creation. Definitely a unique gift.

fairy dolls

Here are some other adapted kokeshi dolls I designed myself with various individual character infusions.

Doll Family






If you are interested in one of these doll designs or sets for custom purchase, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Sally Doll – The Perfect Lady

Ever since watching The Nightmare Before Christmas I’ve had a teeny bit of an¬†obsession with both Jack and Sally. It’s a love story with a gothic twist and it was obvious that I was going to have to crochet them both one day.


The very first doll I made I sold instantly and since then I have been showcasing a few Sally and Jack dolls around craft fairs and other venues around Christmastime.

I generally change Sally’s dress colour with each doll so that no two dolls are the exact same, making them a completely individual item. This Sally wears a gorgeous silky sparkly dress in various mauve and cream colours.

Here are some beautiful pictures of our classy girl. If you are interested in purchasing a Sally Doll please visit my Etsy store.




Chinese Crochet Dolls

This is the Goth family from China. I had this very interesting idea of making crocheted sets of families that would have some kind of personalities of their own. The cute little dolls come with their own passports and a family background. This young family pictured below are very much into the modern goth influences.

Goth Family 1


Each doll possesses its own authentic passport, issued by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Doll Republic of China, because obviously, in order to travel they require identity documents!



I made many sets of these family gifts and sold them all.  Check out my Etsy Store for the Sheng Li family in my stock.