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Free pattern Boy’s Sweater

Traipsing round the net for hours to find a suitable pattern for a boy’s sweater was pretty hard work. There are plenty of patterns for babies and toddlers but very few choices for older children, but finally I discovered just the right pattern for my eight year old son.

It worked up pretty simply too. I used a chunky 100% acrylic wool from an italian brand called Verto Di Roma. The pattern I sourced was a free download though I did have to register to the site to receive it.

As I read through the instructions I came to a tricky decision. My son is rather tall but also fairly slim, so I decided to adapt the pattern for a better fit using the (6 – 8 years) instructions for the width of the chest and back piece, and the (8 – 10 years) instructions for the length and sleeves. This produced a less bulky and saggy sweater but a good length for a taller than average boy.

Let me say that if one crochets the entire piece without a drop of alcohol there should be no cause for confusion in using two sets of instructions. (I admit there was a huh? moment or two.) But the trick is to keep notes (lots of them!) With that in mind the pattern itself was pretty easy and worked up quickly in 3 to 4 days.

Materials which I used:

Hook 5.5mm to suit pattern gauge

Chunky Verto Di Roma = (2 x Multi) (1 x Grey) (1 x Burgundy) acrylic.

Free Pattern Link: Sporty Sweater -Note that Free Patterns.com will require  you to register  (for free) before  you can download the actual pattern. I did not have a problem with this.

chunky sweater








As modelled by the young man himself!

boy sweater 2