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Buzzle the Bear and Friend

Who couldn’t love the new Buzzle Bear?

Introducing Buzzle and his ladybug friend Lucy, the latest seasonal stock design in my inventory. If Buzzle ever starts chomping down on too many mince pies or cupcakes on Christmas day, Lucy the bug will gently have a word in his ear about the little extra belly fat he seems quite oblivious to.xmasbuzzle1

Buzzle is a crochet bear I designed this summer, hoping to achieve a soft toy that has a sweet balance of expression, individuality, topped off with cuteness.

You can find the Buzzle Bear Crochet Pattern at Ravelry 

Soft and Snuggly Teddy Blanket


I have been working on this blanket throughout the past month bit by bit. My time has been taking up fostering some cute little puppies recently and so I’ve had less crochet time than normal. But on the plus side, I managed to finish the latest project that I had been working on.

The blanket is teddybearblankie1made using a method called C2C (corner to corner) crochet. It is basically worked diagonally starting at a corner. I have never worked up this type of stitch before and I was dubious about attempting this first project using quite a lot of colour changes, though I found that once I got into the first few rows it really was very easy indeed.

As you can see, the effect is slightly cross-hatched as the rows are each worked in the opposite direction. You will also notice that some blocks or bricks (as they can be called) in this patter appear raised and others depressed.

The blanket is light using baby soft acrylic wool and measures 24″ x 18″, A perfect summer blankie for a crib, baby basket or car seat.

teddybearblankie3If you would like to check out the original pattern you can do so here. I found the video tutorial on how to crochet the C2C method immensely useful also.

Teddy Bear Blanket Pattern